Mansio Servasa

This archeological site near the village of Brentino can be reached through the road ‘Strada Provinciale 11’ (on the right in the direction of Trento, on the left in the direction of Verona). It is recommended to park your car in the picnic area next to the archeological site and go the rest on foot, following the country road.

Historical background: on the ancient “Via Claudia Augusta”, the road to the North that connected the Po Valley to Germany, there are several architectural remains dating back to the Roman era. The outline of these ruins suggests that the site used to be a ‘mansio’, a place of rest (inn), where travelers could seek lodging, food and drinks, and change their horses before continuing north. It is presumed that this structure was very active from the 1st to the 2nd century BC, while its use decreased more and more over the following three centuries. Some artifacts from the site are on display in the museums of Verona and Rovereto.

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© Photo by Sabrina.peloso – Opera propria, CC BY-SA 4.0,
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Season:All year round

Departure from:Brentino

Arrival at:Brentino

Minimum age:For everyone

Duration:1 hour


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Max. number of people:-

Equipment needed:No equipment required

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