Hydroelectric Plant

This centenary building can be reached on foot, walking on via Molini, in the village of Brentino, starting from the historical stone lavoirs (wash-houses), which truly deserve a visit as well, and continuing on towards the valley called ‘Valle delle Pissotte’ or, more commonly, ‘Vajo dell’Orsa’.

Historical background: Brentino’s hydroelectric plant, built on the river Bissolo in the Pissotte Valley between 1920 and 1922, is still functioning to this day and makes use of a penstock water pipeline. The stone building is reminiscent of the Austro-Hungarian forts present in the surroundings.
The small tower on the right side of the structure used to be the home of the guard, up until the early 1980s.
During the designing of the plant, mines were set off on the land in order to make the area safe for building: the huge rocks that can be spotted around the plant have fallen off during these operations.
The village is very proud of this plant and its architecture, since it represents an example of industrial archeology, as well as a modern source of green energy.

The plant can be visited only from the outside, up until the limits indicated by signs.

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Season:All year round

Departure from:Brentino

Arrival at:Brentino

Minimum age:For everyone

Duration:1 hour


Min. number of people:-

Max. number of people:-

Equipment needed:No equipment required

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